Finding the Sticking Point

Increase Sales by Transforming Customer Resistance into Customer Engagement

Brady G. Wilson

“Brady Wilson is the expert on releasing intelligent energy and energizing your customers.”
Brian Stevenson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, LaserNetworks Inc.

This brief, incisive, and entertaining book will take you to that place where sales are made with energy and flow. Finding the Sticking Point shows you how to converse with your customers in ways that help you:

  • Find the point of resistance to a sale in your customer.
  • Detect its connection to your cutomer’s emotional needs and energizers.
  • Build a relationship based on trust.
  • Increase your sales by revealing the Bigger Reality between you and your customers.

As the author puts it: “Selling is not about closing sales; it’s about opening relationships: engaging relationships that will support many closed sales.”