Why Canada's Summer Olympic Program Is Failing -- And How We Can Fix It
Michael G. Simonson

HEATSTROKE EXPOSES THE SYSTEMIC CAUSES of Canada’s Summer Olympic failures against the backdrop of the country’s increasing Winter Olympic success and the meteoric rise of summer athletes in Australia, a country that used to trail its northern Commonwealth cousin.

Simonson’s dogged investigative work reveals the debilitating politics swirling under the surface of Canada’s Olympic movement, as well as within the country’s amateur sport system, coaching ranks, and athletes themselves.

One thing is for sure: The Canadian public deserves better. Simonson points the way to shake up the system and put more summer athletes on Olympic podiums.


“Simonson holds the feet of Canada’s amateur sport officials to the Olympic fire.”
Randy Starkman, Toronto Star

“Provides unique insight into what we need to do to compete with the world’s sporting superpowers.”
Pat Fiacco, mayor of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Olympic boxing official

“Heatstroke is right: It’s time to turn our whining into winning.”
Sherraine Schalm, three-time Olympian in the sport of fencing