Between Darkness
and Light

An Enviro Thriller
Patricia McConkey

A HAIR-RAISING, page-turning thriller … Between Darkness and Light is a dire warning about our ecological present and a warm, human story of hope for our ecological future.

Will Connor, a much-decorated former fireman and now the Fire Chief of CanPetroleum, has been tasked with investigating a mysterious chain of explosions. The more he probes, the more he fears there is no solution to the chaos that is growing across his city of Edmonton -- and perhaps the world.

With fossil fuels becoming increasingly unstable, police and emergency personnel can no longer use their vehicles. Civilized society comes to a crashing halt in the face of lawlessness, violence, starvation, and environmental ruin.

Now Will’s primary concern is more personal. Will the Connor family starve and freeze to death in the cold Alberta weather? Desperate for a way out, Will teams up with a terrorist for one last chance at survival for his family and a few lost souls.

A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to a Rotary Club project the author is involved in to educate girls in Uganda and give them a brighter future.