Creating Vibrant Communities

How Individuals and Organizations from Diverse Sectors of Society Are Coming Together to Reduce Poverty in Canada
Paul Born

EQUAL PARTS INSPIRATION, perspiration, and information – a book that is sure to take the Vibrant Communities story to new heights as it begins its next exciting phase.

In Canada, “poverty reduction” is no longer a “wouldn't it be nice” dream discussed after yet another failure to make a dent in an age-old problem. It’s a living, breathing, exhilarating reality.


Because all across the country people are approaching poverty in a positive, creative, and energetic way. They are doing so courtesy of a new social phenomenon called Vibrant Communities: a network of people who are getting people together – citizens (no matter what their income), community developers, business people, and representatives from all levels of government – to determine needs, community assets, and strategies. They’re putting plans into action with astonishing results.

This book tells their story. And perhaps yours, too.