Finding My Way

And How You Can Find Yours
Ray Pons

Finding My Way is a straight-to-the-heart, no-nonsense book with well-timed hits to the funny bone. Enjoyable and truly inspiring.”
Bob Gray, CSP, HoF, Memory Edge Corporation

The true-life story of how one man moved from the trials of employment to the triumphs of self-employment.

After a boyhood in northern England, Ray Pons winged his way to the Great White North (a.k.a. Canada) to pursue his dreams. Or were they fantasies?

He did well – more than well – as a sales manager, insurance salesman, and reinsurance executive, but somehow happiness never stepped out to greet him. He was easily bored, losing motivation, momentum – and eventually the jobs themselves.

Then, after a few fits and starts, and with the moral support of his wife, Marva, he said goodbye once and for all to a regular paycheck and hello to life as a business owner.

Here he tells his story with great honesty and practical wisdom, offering tips for how you can find your way in work and life.