I Wish Someone
Had Told Me That

Ten Kernels of Experience for Those Beginning Their Careers from Those Concluding Theirs

Tony Altilia

TONY ALTILIA, A FORMER ADVERTSING AGENCY CEO, shares his own advice — and that of 49 other Baby Boomers who have succeeded in their careers — with young men and women starting out on their careers. Their ten kernels of experience include Dream Big, Master the Balance Beam, Stay on the Learning Curve, and Jump In.

Business and life lessons. From those who’ve been there to those on their way.


“As we Baby Boomers depart from our careers, so does our knowledge, expertise, and experience. This book goes a long way to ensure that the emerging generation — those about to embark on their careers — will learn from our trials and tribulations.”
Ron Farmer, Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company