Why Publish with BPS Books?

There are an increasing number of publishing options out there for writers today. Why should you consider publishing with BPS Books?    

Personal Touch

When you publish with us you’re not just a small piece in a large corporate machine or a Web-based service that does a “volume” business. With BPS Books you’ll work closely with one of North America’s most experienced editors and publishers, Donald G. Bastian. Bastian is committed to assisting you all the way from idea to manuscript and throughout the production, marketing, and distribution process.

Industry Experience

Bastian, editor-in-chief and publisher of BPS Books, has edited and published well over one thousand books in his career. You will benefit from his well-earned knowledge.

Quality Control

The larger print-on-demand publishers out there will get you published at breakneck speed. But it takes time to turn even a highly-polished manuscript into a well-structured, well-designed book. We are fast, but quality comes first.


The BPS Books process allows for a highly customized approach to book production and publishing. This is a cooperative system. You, the author, play a fundamental role in shaping and perfecting your book, but Bastian and his staff are always on hand to offer advice. You profit from the support and guidance of an expert in the field, while maintaining overall control of your project.

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to our authors is to recommend only the services that are appropriate to their needs and the nature of their projects. For example, if we believe that an author's book should be published by a traditional book publisher, we will so advise. In some cases we may be able to assist them in the steps and strategies to take toward traditional publication.

For information on other editorial and consulting services that Donald G. Bastian offers, visit our sister site, www.BastianPubServ.com.

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