Real Change Is Incremental

Reflections on What We Know, What We Do and How Little Things Make a Big Difference

David Peck
Foreword by Rupen Das

Real Change is Incremental is a broad-ranging collection of essays by a writer with broad-ranging interests, including magic, philosophy, poetry, comedy, and international development. An exploration of change and ideas through a series of reflections on knowledge, experience, and how we see the world, the book urges intellectual humility, being open to the ideas of others, and meeting the challenge of taking practical action together to change the world moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and generation-by-generation. Real Change Is Incremental is an eloquent plea for all of us citizens of the world to admit what we do not know and sincerely search for truth in what other people may not know that they know.

“Keep thinking, and keep writing . . . you have a deft and enlightened pen.”
–RICH MOCCIA, University of Guelph

“Riveting, inspirational, and entertaining. You’re a born storyteller.”
NINA SPENCER, author of Getting Passion Out of Your Profession

“David writes like a broken-hearted calculator.”
JAY SANKEY, magician, creator, author

“Here’s hoping that more people will be infected by Peck’s passion, drive, and purpose of changing the world for the better.”
GRACE ATTARD, blogger, speaker, coach, facilitator