3 Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery

Keith G. Richards

MANY INVESTORS WATCHED IN HORROR as 30% or more of their portfolio vanished during the market massacre of 2008. If you are one of those investors, this book will teach you a better - and safer - way to invest. In SmartBounce Keith G. Richards describes three actions steps for recovering your portfolio:

  • Choose the right time.
  • Achieve the right balance.
  • Be in the right place.


“... provides easy-to-follow investment advice on how to combine different investment disciplines to make and preserve money.”
Brooke Thackray, author of Time In, Time Out and other books

“... covers three much-needed and important methods for regaining portfolio value in a post-Lehman Brothers era - including the successful use of seasonal analysis.”
Don Vialoux, DV Tech Talk

“... Keith's integrity shines through.”
David Coates, Principal, Fifth Business Communications