Southern Cross

Lost and Found on the Streets
and in the Jungles of Peru

Paul Clark

ZICO. NESTOR. TINO. PACO. CÉSAR. These are the names of just a few of the boys lost on the streets and in the jungles of Peru – abandoned by their families or fleeing abuse at the hands of their parents, the police, or others. Out of a life of unspeakable poverty, they steal to survive and sniff glue to escape.

But like these boys, whose stories are told in this book, many are found, receiving food, medicine, love, friendship, and faith in God at Scripture Union centers for street boys and other children in Lima and Iquitos, and at camps in Kawai, Kimo, and Puerto Alegria.

How they came to their lives on the street, and how God, working through his faithful servants, has rescued them and brought them into his family, is what this dramatic, eye-opening, and inspiring book is all about.