Speeches That Will
Leave Them Speechless

An ABC Guide to Magnifying
Your Speaking Success

Kathryn MacKenzie

“… a one-stop shop for all your speaking needs. If you master the concepts in this book, you will master the art of public speaking and you will be the kind of speaker others sign up and line up to see.”
—CRAIG VALENTINE, World Champion of Public Speaking

Kathryn MacKenzie’s Speeches That Will Leave You Speechless is an informative and inspiring guide to public speaking. It will inspire you to new heights in giving speeches, making presentations, and communicating clearly in your work. MacKenzie, a dynamic award-winning speaker and coach, walks you through a speaker’s alphabet of tools, including:

  • Four A’s to Anchor Your Points
  • The Keys of a Killer Keynote
  • Nerves Are Natural and Normal
  • From Boring to Brilliant
  • Lessons for not Losing your Audience