Tapping the Iceberg: Achieve Straight A's in Life Through Attitude, Aptitude, and Action

Just as 90 percent of an iceberg lies under water, so most of your strengths lie below the surface of your life. To realize all of your possibilities, you must find a way to tap those hidden strengths. Motivational speaker and writer Tim Cork shows how you can earn straight A's in life through changing your Attitude, developing your Aptitude, and taking decisive Action.

"Tim's straight A's philosophy will help you achieve extraordinary results."
—RAYMOND AARON, New York Times bestselling co-author, Chicken Soup for the Parents' Soul 

"I know I enjoyed the book because it is full of stickie notes and highlighted lines. What a sight!"

NADJA PIATKA, President, Nadja Foods
"Inspiring, with great personal examples and takeaways. I'm already putting the top 16 habits into practice."