The Business
Transition Crisis

Plan Your Succession Now to Beat the Biggest Business Selloff in History

Wayne Vanwyck

WAYNE VANWYCK IS ON A MISSION. A leading Business Transition Coach, he is alarmed that literally millions of Boomer business owners intend to retire in the next ten years but only 7 percent of them have a written succession plan.

This means a tsunami of business selloffs is looming on the horizon.

Vanwyck points out that business owners who don't plan their business transition now may have to kiss all their creativity, passion, and hard work goodbye as they face a market glutted with businesses for sale and scant few buyers. But he also says that those who do start planning their transition can increase the value of their business, increase their profitability today, and keep their options open. In The Business Transition Crisis he offers practical advice for you, including how you can:

  • Sort out your personal and professional transition options.
  • Prepare your business, your employees, and yourself for transition.
  • Build an “A” team of advisors who will make transition easier and more profitable.
  • Create a business plan that makes sense now and multiplies the valuation later.
  • Take a sabbatical as a test run for retirement.
  • Leave a legacy that you can be proud of.


“Vanwyck’s 25 years of experience advising business owners reveals itself throughout this book. Loaded with new practical tips and strategies to guide business owners through the process of selling their business, this book is essential reading. ”
Thomas Deans, Ph.D., author of Every Family's Business

“Wayne is an advisor you can trust to give you honest, straightforward advice. Read The Business Transition Crisis if you want to profit from your sweat equity and leverage your legacy. ”
Jim Ruta, speaker and advisor to the financial industry and author of Master Your Money Management: How to Manage the Advisors Who Work for You