There's Always a Way
to Sell Your Business

100 Tales from the Trenches
by a Master Intermediary

Doug Robbins


Funny, entertaining, sobering, and informational – “tales from the trenches” by Doug Robbins, a master intermediary who always finds a way to help owners restructure or sell their business.

Through these tales Robbins highlights best practices for working with accountants, lawyers, and bankers in forming up and conducting a sale; ingenious ways to increase the worth of a business before selling; the importance of confidentiality before and during a sale; and ways for family businesses to do what’s best for both the family and the business.


“… a goldmine not only for those seeking strategies to sell their business, but also for those interested in alternatives to selling out.”
Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior VP, TD Waterhouse Canada

“… a light and lively read – a rarity in the business self-help section.”
Andy Holloway, Features Editor, Canadian Business

“… immensely enjoyable. Well done!”
Russell Robb, author of Buying Your Own Business

“… invaluable reading for all business owners.”
Timothy A. Brown, President and CEO, ROI Corporation

“… helps advisors open critical conversations with business owners about valuation and succession.”
Philip Porado, Executive Editor, Advisor Group