True to Life

Fifty Steps to Help You Write Your Story
Beth Kaplan

“This book is fabulous: a user-friendly, down-to-earth, accessible guide to writing that simplifies the complex without making it simplistic, taking readers through the mechanics from the initial brainstorm to the final edit.”
Wendy Litner, Huffington Post, lawyer, writing student

“I can't imagine a better distillation of Beth's wisdom and experience than this invaluable companion for writers, presented in clear, thoughtful steps that build on one another. True to Life is the perfect guide for beginners as well as veteran memoirists.”
Chris Cameron, writer, editor, writing student

“Go ahead, make me famous.”
Wayson Choy, writing teacher and renowned author of The Jade Peony, Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying, and other books.

In fifty informative and inspiring steps, Beth Kaplan shows you how to write your story by putting on your writer's hat, then your editor's hat, then digging down to bring out the vital details of the story, and finally living the writing life. Steps include:
  • Read Like a Writer
  • Unleash the "I" Word
  • Claim Your Truth
  • Write from Scars, Not Wounds
  • Enter the Marketplace