The Vowels of
Personal Power

5 + 1 Ways to Liberate Your Creativity
Bob McCulloch and Julia Gluck

“AN IMPORTANT ARROW in my leadership quiver.”
Stephen Thompson, Chief Inspiration Officer, Tamworth Partners Inc.

“These techniques helped me build peaceful, calm, open, and solid loving relationships with my two very young children, who had lived through and been affected by trauma. A little delight in a sea of chaos.”
– Catherine Mossop, FCMC, Sage Mentors Inc.

If you're like most people, you feel that the creativity you were born with has long since been squelched by family, social, and work expectations. This groundbreaking work by two veteran coaches and motivators will help you recapture and channel your creative energy, through 12 elegant practices associated with the vowels of personal power: A for awareness; E for engagement; O for openness; U for understanding; and, bringing them all together, I for Integrity. These practices will change your life!